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Mapping show, Audimax Erlangen

The Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg has again commissioned us to create a mapping. For the handing over of the presidency of Prof. Dr. med. Grüske to Prof. dr. Hornegger the university wanted a show that makes a festive room out of the unattractive and renovation-requiring auditorium. The only requirement was to combine the reconstruction and the many structural changes of the university during the presidency of Prof. Dr. med. Grüske with his predilection for the music of the Beatles in a 3 minute show.


At the time of the project AUDIMAX Erlangen was a rehabilitation case. The already difficult architecture of the 70s with its wood paneling was at the first glance not exactly the optimal framework for a dignified event of this ranking. Safety nets hung from the ceiling to catch falling material. But exactly this turned out to be a stroke of luck for the transport of one of the main topics of the term of office of Prof.Dr. Grueske, the reconstruction of the university. This idea could be elegantly combined with the second theme, the transformation of the university into a high-tech center. Industrial robot arms should disassemble and rebuild the structure of the space. So we could in entertaining three minutes add motives that were given to us to the animation. By the way there was still the desire of the customer to consider the preference of the professor for the music of the Beatles. Overall, we believe, and the feedback from the audience confirms that, to have done so in an appealing way.