At the moment we are looking for the cooperation with freelancers from various fields for the year 2018/19 for various projects.

We are interested in working with people who are interested in participating in our projects. We are especially looking for

- 2d artists with profound knowledge in After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.

- 3D artists (modeling, motion design) and sometimes also character (rigging / animation), preferably Cinema4D

- Programmers with experience in light synchronization (DMX, Art-Net, Timecode)

- Programmers for touch designer (Python), pixel mapping, addressable LEDs, Arduino, Raspy

- Programmers glsl shader, Shadertoy

At the moment we are not in the position to offer a permanent job. But we offer hungry creatives the opportunity to incorporate their own ideas in our workflow and implement them in the best case, and then have them presented at an extraordinary event. Our projects have a lead time of about 3 months, which means that the first four weeks of a project are initially planned for research and storyboarding. Only then does the digital part of our work begin, and  if you feel like it, even yours.

We look forward to hearing from you!