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University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Videomapping

This year´s castle garden festival will probably go down in its more than 60 years of history, as the hottest. Not only the tropical temperatures, but also the dancers, who were part of the projection show, made the dance-loving 6500 guests of the party sweat. With the dancers of the company "Moving Rhizomes" we spent a day in the GreenScreen Studio, to connect their graceful body in the post-production larger than life with the architecture.

With a LiveSetup consisting of Derivative (CA) touchdesigner and a 6Head media server from MXWendler, 4 hours of varied, accurate video mapping were realized.

 {mediabox gallery=1|dir=/images/projekte/2015/Schlossgartenfest15_Galerie}{/mediabox}

Here is a look behind the scenes. The work with the dancers in the green screen studio at b44-Media in Fellbach was really fun. Thanks again to the Moving Rhizomes team, Lorenzo Angelini, Giulia Innsina, Pablo Sansalvador and Cecilia Espejo.