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"Before I die"

is a multidisciplinary dance, visual and music performance that will take place in the Stadthaus of Ulm city the 21st, 22nd and 23rd July. Dancers, sound and visual artists and refugees from different parts of the world will take part on this event. For this project to happen we will have a long process of research in different refugee settlements, workshops where we will find a common language and castings where we will finally select the refugees that will collaborate with us. 100% of the money from the tickets will be donated to refugee causes.

 Fotos by Claudia Richter und Nik Schoelzel

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This performance will have the following aims:

To refresh and/or trigger our sensitiveness to the current exceptional circumstances of refugees in Germany.To highlight how every human deserves to aspire for a better future.  To encourage active participation in building a better tomorrow through collective actions.To portray how diversity leads to the greatest richness in people’s lives.To raise funds and awareness to support the above goals by donating 100% of the tickets.


I would support this project because I believe in the benefit in having an absence of barriers.
...because this research will be a fundamental input for our next year’s project.
...becuase in this performance we expect to raise up ~ 6.000 euro for refugee projects with the donation of 100% of the tickets.
...because I believe that a wide range of artists, performers, designers and creators will make up a much more interesting art scene, and a healthy open city. We also believe that we can apply this mindset and practice to our daily life.