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Interactive space sculpture

For the Landeskonferenz der Kreativwirtschaft in the HfK + G / College of Communication and Design in Ulm, we created an interactive media art installation. Very free in terms of content but it was challenging in this room situation to present anything spectacular, without claiming old standards. We proposed to our customer a projection fitted into the modern architecture of the university against a projection screen mounted in the staircase. Implemented via a MXWendler / Touchdesigner configuration, the work spanned the entire length of 12 meters with a width of 2 meters. This extraordinary format was realized as a front projection, because a rear projection for technical as well as financial reasons was unthinkable. With touch-screen terminals, various parameters of the animation could be influenced in real-time by the visitors to the conference. The work was so wonderful for an entertaining conversation and sometimes served as an introduction to discussions of the participants.

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