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"And above us heaven"

was the title of the event of the Regensburg Theater on the Walhalla near Donaustauf / Regensburg. For the grand finale of a day filled with theater, music and dance the Philharmonic Orchestra Regensburg played "The Planets" by Gustav Holst. For this approximately 1 hour concert we were commissioned to illuminate the tremendous scenery of the Walhalla with projections suitable for the music. A story is told that revolves around the "characters" of the seven planets of our solar system. The story the British composer is telling through his music is part of the Roman mythology.

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Pictures: Jochen Quast


For this great building we had aimed at achieving perfect projections with our full content without any shadows cast on the wall. This however was a huge challenge as the wall is located behind one meter thick columns. In advance, therefore, a model was built to play through this scenario before the actual construction. As a result, and based on the design of the 3D model, the exact positions of the two projectors for this purpose could be determined. The image contents for the back wall of the Walhalla were disassembled in the mapping and split between the  two projectors, to then be reassembled on the wall itself with Softedge. This made it possible to influence the shadows of the columns, to show them in moving light, or to make them disappear altogether.

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