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Harbour Stuttgart - Night of Museums

Suppose the port of Stuttgart would be a kind of technical-organic being that has grown over the years. It provides people with vital information about their organs and transport routes.

Hauslaib Lichtwelten developed the concept for a presentation of the harbor for the Long Night of Museums in Stuttgart on March 15, 2014. After several weeks of preparation, building projections were created on several buildings / grain silos in two harbor basins and an 8-minute container Show. The sound of Andreas Usenbenz was created exclusively from original sounds of the port, whereby first in several hours "Field Recording" a harbor sound archive was created. More about the sound of this work can be found here.

Hafen showmotiv


The biggest challenge of this project was to coordinate the construction team distributed over several hectares of harbor area. Because the port was still working until one day before the start of the show, it was necessary to build at all venues simultaneously and set up the projections. In addition to the difficulty of building the various venues at the same time, we had to master the challenge that we could start to work on the  8 minute “choreography” with the crane operators only in the morning before the show.The movements of the heavy cranes, whose reaction delay was to be calculated, were coordinated via radio commands for each individual crane journey.